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About Africa Legal Information Hub

Africa Legal Information Hub (ALIH) is a non-governmental and non- profit making organisation registered under the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania to engage with the provision and enhancement of free access to legal information; the promotion of continuing legal education; the support of legal research; the provision of legal aid to marginalised and groups with special needs in the community; and the provision, to government institutions, NGO’S, the legal fraternity and the public, of seminars, trainings and workshop on public legal information.

Our Theme

Timely Access to Legal Instruments

Our Mision

ALIH will support the provision of free access to public legal information through publication of legal materials as well as organize the provision, in collaboration with the government and other stake holders, of continuing legal education, legal aid and legal information to all who need it most but could not access it otherwise.

Our Vision

ALIH envisions becoming a leading organisation and one stop centre for provision and promotion of free access to public legal information to all

Our Values

(i) Commitment (ii) Respect (iii) Transparency (iv) Accountability (v) Integrity (vi) Innovation (vii) Team work (viii) Volunteerism (ix) Quality Oriented (x) Environment Friendly (xi) Results Focused


The office bearers of ALIH are as follows; the Chairperson serving also as the Executive Director, Directors and Members.


ALIH is currently implementing a project on access to legal information. The project aims at providing necessary online legal information to various stakeholders to enhance access to justice. The project has created an online database system for accessing legal materials like decided cases from court of records, laws, legal text, parliamentary bills and various legal research papers.


ALIH believes in the spirit of partnership with other organisations in realizing its vision and mission. The organisation engages actively, in partnership with other organisations, in promoting and providing free access to public legal information. ALIH has strategically positioned itself to be able to identify, manage and retain partnerships with different stakeholders.

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